Available courses

The QQI level 5 Communications Course consists of four tutor led classes, individual tutorials and e learning activities. Assessments for this module are designed to allow you to research and examine your own vocational area of study as well as practice communications skills used in the workplace and in society.

The QQI level 5 Work Experience Module consists of tutor led classes, individual tutorials, e learning activities and a minimum of 80 hours work experience in a suitable placement. All work placements must be approved by your course tutor and your work experience must be undertaken in the vocational area you are studying.

Support materials for the QQI level 6 Computerised Accounts course.

The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to identify training and development needs and to deliver and evaluate a training intervention within a range of training and development contexts. It is suitable for those wishing to teach in an adult education environment and learners should hold qualifications and experience in their personal area of expertise.

The course consists of two level 6 modules:

Training Needs Identification & Design - 6N3325

Training Delivery & Evaluation - 6N3326

This area of Moodle contains essential information on tutoring and assessing learners' work at CTEC.  This area is not available to learners.