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Course Outline:

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Unit 1 Working in Palliative Care

  • state the principles of hospice and palliative care
  • identify the role of each member of the palliative care
  • recognise the family as the primary unit of care
  • identify common fears and anxieties experienced by the person
  • outline the specific needs of the following groups in relation to
  • death - dying and bereavement: children - people with mental illness
  • reflect on their own feelings about death - dying and bereavement and the need for ongoing personal support and guidance

Unit 2 Communication Skills

  • demonstrate effective communication skills with those who display emotions such as anger - fear - sadness - depression -
  • demonstrate effective communication skills with those who have communication difficulties - for example hearing impairment or speech difficulties
  • promote an environment that allows the dying person and his/her family to express fears and emotions
  • identify strategies for seeking advice and assistance

Unit 3 Caring for People with Specific Needs

  • explain the following: cancer - motor neurone disease - HIV/AIDS
  • outline the physical - social - emotional - spiritual - sexual needs of the dying person
  • evaluate the psychological - social - spiritual and physical aspects of pain
  • provide care for the unconscious person while promoting safety - respect and comfort
  • adapt care practice to meet the needs of persons who are experiencing: total pain - fatigue - nausea and vomiting - breathlessness

Assessment: Candidates must successfully complete a Learner Record & Assignment

Progression Routes: FETAC level 5 National Certificate-Healthcare